SAP Industry Innovation Awards

The SAP Industry Innovation Awards honor organizations that are intentionally using technology to transform their businesses, employees, and communities. Recognize your company, peers, or leaders by nominating them in the categories outlined below. Each submission will be evaluated by a panel of industry experts. The finalists and winners will be announced and recognized at the Consumer Industries Forum this October.

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Do you have an innovative story that deserves recognition? Submit your game-changing business process, use case study, or technology implementation for a chance to be honored or to recognize your industry peers.

2019 Categories

The Purpose-Driven Award

While economic demands increase, so too do the demands of humanity. This organization is dedicated to giving back to its community and places emphasis on social responsibility.

Excellence in Operations Award

Technology and innovation are not relegated to the back office. This organization proves that with a renewed, digital-first strategy from finance to HR, procurement, and everything in between.

Pioneer of the Year Award

This is a holistic award given to the organization that excels - or is taking the necessary steps to excel - in all aspects of its business. The recipient of this award is a true market leader.


People’s Choice Award

The People’s Choice award will allow the public to vote on notable finalists. Voters will have an opportunity to weigh in on which innovative success story can make the biggest impact on the industry.